TeamWorks Travel & Expense Reconciliations Reminder

As an important TTE reporting reminder below are (3) separate processes, that each agency should be completing on a monthly basis :

  • Reconcile Transactions Extracted from TTE to TeamWorks Financials – Local Administrators should access Luminist to review the reports below. Agencies should also run the “TTE Detail Report-Extracted” in Concur to Reconcile Accounts.

  • GL Offline Travel Interface Report (GLXXX0902): Local Administrators will need to review this report daily to ensure all transactions have posted into TeamWorks. This report will provide General Ledger Journal Entries created for Company Paid transactions that were extracted from Concur.

  • AP Offline Travel Voucher Interface Report (APXXX0855): This report will provide Accounts Payable vouchers created for employee travel reimbursements that were extracted from Concur.

  • Reports Agencies Can Run in TTE (user must have reporting role to access these reports)

Agencies on TTE are encouraged to run and monitor any of the following reports below in Cognos Reporting to determine outstanding travel expense reports. These reports should be reviewed prior to year-end close out to ensure all current year travel reports are processed in the current fiscal year.

  • Unsubmitted Expense Reports: Provides a list of unsubmitted expense reports with amounts

  • 196060 Pending Transactions: Shows all Airplus transactions (196060) NOT extracted to TeamWorks

  • 196061 Airplus Invoice Reconciliation:Shows all Airplus transactions that have been paid to “Airplus”

  • 196040 Pending Transactions: Shows all Hotel Direct billed transactions (196040) NOT extracted to TeamWorks

  • 196041 Hotel Direct BilledInvoice Reconciliation:Shows all direct billed transactions that have been paid to “Hotels”

  • Cash Advance Analysis: Shows the status of cash advance by employee

  • IIRS Report: Identify any employees that are subject to taxable expense reports

  • Company Paid Reconciliation for Car Rental

Each agency receives an invoice from the rental car company directly. (Hertz and Enterprise are the current State contracted vendors). When the agency pays the invoice in TeamWorks, the agency should use the following as the expense account for payment:

  • Debit 200006 – Travel Clearing Account - Direct Bill (Rental Car/Hotel)

  • Each agency should be monitoring their rental car expenditures and reconciling their clearing account quarterly (at a minimum) to ensure that:

  • Employees are filing their expense reports for rental cars timely

  • Balances in the clearing account are justified

  • All invoices being paid are coded properly

Please review Section 7 of the TTE Local Admin Reporting Handbook that is located on the SAO website, for more information regarding TTE reconciliations. If agencies have any discrepancies or questions, please send detailed information to the mailbox.