Fiscal Leadership for Georgia

Normal Commuting Miles

April 22, 2014

Mileage Travelled by State TravelersMileage traveled by State travelers between their Residence and Primary Work Station is considered “normal commuting miles”. Normal commuting miles MUST be deducted when calculating total mileage reimbursement.

If an employee utilizes state-sponsored transportation alternatives (ex. MARTA), the “normal commuting miles” should still be calculated as the direct mileage from the employee’s Residence to his Primary Work Station.

The only exceptions are:

  1. If the travel occurs on a weekend or holiday outside of the normal work schedule.
  2. If an employee’s Primary Work Station is his/her Residence, the requirement to deduct normal commuting miles does not apply since, by definition, there are none.

For more information on this topic please refer to the State Travel policy Section 2.3.