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Apps for Survival

July 22, 2014

AppsCheck out the latest FREE Apps for Survival…

  • Life360  - Instantly locate your loved ones with this private, interactive map. A single tap informs the group that you're okay, and when disaster strikes, the alert button sends an SOS to your contacts by text message, email, and voicemail.  Compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows phones.  FREE 
  • Ubalert  - This software posts citizen-reported hazards in real time, and prioritizes each tip by credibility and severity. An onboard interactive map also lets you search and avoid local emergencies. Compatible with iPhone and Android phones.  FREE
  • FloodWatch  - This app crunches data from the National Weather Service to present real-time river heights and rainfall totals. With interactive maps, graphs, and tables you can search for flood risks in your area and monitor rising water levels.  Compatible with iPhone.  FREE