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Practical Ways for Using your Phone when Traveling

September 15, 2014

Phone with AppsThere are over thousands of apps available in the world that make our lives easier. But with so many new apps that are now available, sometimes a simple note or picture can do the trick. Below are just a few practical ways to use your smartphone when traveling: 

  1. Take a picture or make a note of your Taxi Cab number and license - do this when you get out of the cab. That way if you forget something (your laptop or luggage) you know where to find it.
  2. Take a picture or make a note of your hotel room number - most hotel keys do not specify a room number. This way you can remember what hotel room you're occupying. Don't worry if you forget your hotel, Travel Incorporated's eItinerary has that information.
  3. Take a picture of your car in the parking lot - This is an easy way to find your car in a crowded parking lot. Make sure to get one of the letters/numbers in the pictures.