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Capture your receipts & manage your travel on the go!

April 13, 2015

Concur Mobile AppDid you know that TTE travelers with the Concur Mobile app can snap a picture of a receipt with their Smartphone inside the TTE app? Then travelers can elect to send it as an expense item and the receipt image and the expense go into Available Expenses just like rental cars, etc... as an out of pocket expense.


It's really a timesaver!

As a reminder the Concur app is FREE and allows TTE travelers to manage and track business travel.

  • View credit card transactions and add them to expense reports
  • Capture receipts with your camera phone
  • Submit and approve expense reports
  • Book airfare, hotels and more
  • Manage flight, hotel and car itineraries
  • Check flight status
  • Approve travel requests
  • Change/cancel reservations