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TeamWorks Travel & Expense Year-End Reminder

June 10, 2015

TTE Year-End ReminderIn order to facilitate year-end processing, the ‘trip end date’ in TeamWorks Travel & Expense (TTE) will be used to determine the accounting period in TeamWorks for travel expenses.




All expense reports that are submitted between June 1st and July 8th , 2015 Should have a June or July ‘trip end date’ to determine the appropriate accounting period in TeamWorks.
Employees submitting reports with expenses prior to June Need to change the ‘trip end date’ to a June date on the report header, before the report can be submitted.
From July 1st – July 8th Agencies will need to determine the appropriate accounting period and revise the ‘trip end date’ accordingly.

To ensure that expense reports are approved and extracted before TeamWorks year-end processing, no travel expense reports should be submitted by employees after July 8, 2015.  Travel expense reports submitted after that date will be processed in FY 2016.