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Business 101: Making your Trip Meaningful

July 12, 2016

Business 101 ImageBusiness 101: Making your Trip Meaningful

Make sure you have a refined message. First and foremost, whether you're managing a relationship or presenting a new product or service, you're most likely on the road to sell something. The people you're engaging with are probably overwhelmed with pitches of one kind or another, so it's vitally important to make sure the message you're delivering is short, easy to understand, and impactful.

Be exceptionally clear in articulating the story of what your product does and the value it brings. Make sure to keep things catchy and entertaining. Remember that you only have a 30 second window to catch someone's attention, so make it count.

Be memorable. Here's the thing about business meetings -- they tend to be sort of boring, especially if you have back-to-back meetings. People and pitches blend together and it's easy to become just another face in the crowd. That's a huge problem. It's simple -- be memorable.

Behave yourself. Business travel tends to bring out interesting behavior in people, especially after hours. After all, things like conferences and trade shows are generally held in exciting locations where drinks often flow freely. The fact that people are outside of the office tends to form a perfect storm of debauchery.

Source: Entrepreneur