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TeamWorks Travel & Expense Training Update

August 11, 2016

Webinar imageThe Upcoming Live TTE Training Webinar calendar has been updated through October. There are so many NEW and updated training resources for the TTE travel community…it’s hard to keep track. Check out some of the details below. If you have any travel questions send us an email at

An educated traveler.. is our best customer!

Updated Video-Basic Training Webinar Series

  • Booking Travel-2016   (Updated for new icons)
  • Expense Report Basics-2016  (updated for Meals Per Diem)
  • Expense Reports for Meals, Miles and Other Expenses-2016  (updated for Meals Per Diem)

New/Updated How To

  • Itemize Imported Hotel Expense - NEW - How To Documents/Expenses-Expense Reports/Hotel Expenses
  • Unable to Access TTE (Error due to new Vendor ID) - NEW - How To Documents/Logging In
  • Add Additional Approvers - UPDATED - How To Documents/Expenses-Expense Reports/Additional Approvers
  • Fix the Missing Airplane Icon  - NEW - How To Documents/Expenses-Expense
  • Self-Service Password Reset - NEW - How To Documents/Logging In

Top 5 FAQ's on How To page

New Simulations

  • Rental Car - Itemize Hertz Capitol Hill with Fuel Charges
  • Rental Car-Cancel A Rental Car Only Reservation
  • Rental Car-Cancel a Rental Car Segment from a Reservation
  • Rental Car- Change an Existing Rental Car Reservation
  • Request-Cancel/Inactivate the Balance of a Travel Request