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How To Stay Healthy When Flying

February 3, 2017

Do you ever come off a flight feeling like a train wreck? You think you’ve done everything right. You went to bed early the night before, and you ate a hearty breakfast. But, now that you’ve arrived at your destination, all you want to do is collapse. 

Tips for a healthy flight

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine 24 hours before flights and in the air
    Alcohol and caffeine will dehydrate the body. The air on flights have less moisture. Choose water, herbal tea or an occasional tomato juice. 
  • Stay hydrated
    It’s important to remain hydrated when flying by drinking plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated keeps the risk of catching a respiratory virus to a minimum.  Also, try using nasal moisturizing sprays to relieve sinus pressure. 
  • Rest up
    The more rest and calm you have during your flight, the better you’ll feel when you land. Your body needs adequate rest for optimal performance. Sleep is an important factor in maintaining immunity. 
  • Be prepared
    Take along a lightweight first-aid kit for mild mishaps. Sometimes a headache during a layover or an inevitable paper cut can cause discomfort. Be prepared with options to relieve any mild discomfort while flying.