Fiscal Leadership for Georgia

Business Process Policies

The Business Process Policies and Procedures contains Georgia specific guidance to assist users with managing various accounting operational processes such as budget, cash, disbursements, payroll, and receivables, etc.

Accounts Receivable

Policy: Accounts Receivable Management - Process to Write-Off Receivables

Policy: Accounts Receivable Management - Identifying and Managing Accounts Receivable and Other Amounts Due to the State

Write Off Certificate Template

Write Off List Template


Balancing BudNet Policies and Procedures - Draft Version

Budgeting of Federal Funds from Another State Agency (effective 7/1/08)

Carry-Over of State and Other Funds (effective 7/1/17)

De-Amending Federal and Other Funds (effective 7/1/08)

Final Year End Amendment (effective 6/1/08)

Journal Entry Documentation Policy (effective 7/1/08)

Spending Order Policy (effective 10/1/14)

Cash Management

Asset Forfeiture Policy

CM-100001 - Overview Policy and Procedure

CM-100002 - Bank Administration Policy and Procedure

CM-100004 - Accounts Payable Disbursement Policy and Procedure

CM-100005 - Payroll Disbursement Policy and Procedure

CM-100006 - Check Escheatment Policy and Procedure

CM-100007 - Bank Settlement Policy and Procedure

CM-100008 - Bank Reconciliation Policy and Procedure

Bank Reconciliation Tool

CM-100009 - Cash Receipt Policy and Procedure

CM-100011 - Non-Sufficient Check Policy and Procedure

CM-100012 - Daily Deposit Policy and Procedure

CM-100013 - Revenue Funding Source Code(RFSC) Policy and Procedure

Debt and Related Items

Agency Managed General Obligation (G.O.) Bond Projects (effective 7/1/17)

GSFIC Reimbursements for Bond Funded Construction Projects

GSFIC Reimbursements for Bond Funded Information Technology Projects

Disbursements and Purchases

Payment Method Policy (Updated 12/01/2016)

Payment Timing Executive Order

Single Pay Policy

Statewide Purchase Orders Policy

Vender Management Policy

Vendor Reactivation Procedure

Federal Reporting

Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA)


Mandatory Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit Notification Form

Direct Deposit Exemption Request Form

Direct Deposit Frequently Asked Question

Payroll Shared Services Direct Deposit Form

Virtual Payables

Virtual Payables: A New Payment Method in TeamWorks

Virtual Payables FAQs

Virtual Payables Cancellation Request Form