Fiscal Leadership for Georgia

FY2013 Year-End Reporting Package

May 30, 2013

The SAO reporting group would like to make you aware of the changes made related to the FY2013 year-end reporting forms: 

  • Two new forms will be required in FY2013: Service Concession Arrangements and Subsequent Events
  • There have been minor changes made to some of the other forms, so please make sure to use these updated forms for your FY2013 form submissions.
  • The training videos for the year-end forms can be found on SAO’s website.  Please note any minor changes to year-end forms may not be reflected in the videos.
  • The “Forms Due by Entity” file should be used to determine which forms are due for your reporting entity.  If you have any questions or concerns about the due dates or the applicability of any of the forms for your organization, please send an email to

As in prior years, the entire package is available as a zip file, or you can download each form individually.  Each of the forms has a contact person on them if you have specific questions about a form.

Additionally, all Non-TeamWorks and CPA Audited organizations need to report any significant changes in fund structure by sending an email to

Return the completed FY13 forms (as indicated on the “Forms Due by Entity” file) to SAO Reporting ( by the due date.