About NextGen


Georgia’s current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, PeopleSoft/Teamworks, was implemented in 1998. The TeamWorks applications provide support for more than 100 organizations across the state to manage day-to-day operations including personnel management, payroll, time and attendance, and accounting (accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, etc.). The current system is hosted on-premise with the servers residing in the state’s data center.


A team consisting of members from the State Accounting Office (SAO), Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), Office of Planning & Budget (OPB), and Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) have recommended the state plan and execute an effort to replace the aging TeamWorks software with a cloud-based solution that will modernize the way Georgia does business.


The objective of the GA NextGen Project is to evaluate modern ERP platforms to determine the feasibility, cost, and timeframe for replacing the state's current PeopleSoft/TeamWorks Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial system with a modern, scalable ERP system that meets the state's business and technology requirements. 


What is the NextGen Project?

NextGen is the Next Generation ERP, a new, cloud-based software solution to replace the PeopleSoft TeamWorks system. It will be tailored to work for the state’s new remote workforce and offer streamlined, paperless processes and procedures. NextGen will offer more modern functionalities like online vendor bill pay, data monitoring that offers real-time analytics, a statewide learning management system and a streamlined contract management platform.



NextGen will offer easier workflows and processing and standardize procedures. Business requirements have evolved over the past 20 years, and Georgia now requires modern services to meet those needs. NextGen will offer more business solutions and centralize services in one platform so that all users can benefit from streamlined processes and leadership can spend less time finding numbers and more time on strategies and solutions. The new platform will provide configurable workflow for agencies to create unique processes to meet their specialized requirements. The NextGen platform will provide robust reporting and analytics that the users can personalize to meet the needs of their agency.  




Project Owner:
State Accounting Office |
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