Security Resources

The TeamWorks Online Security Request Tool provide a paperless, and expedited security request process.

It allows Managers to login directly to the database (TeamWorks Financial or The HCM Portal) and submit a request for access required for their staff members for that particular database. The request processes available are the same as today’s process (ADD/Change or Deletion Request).

Here is a brief overview of the process:

  1. After the Submission of the request the Agency Security Office will be notified via email that a request has been submitted and pending approval.
  2. The Security Officer will then login to the specific database verify and approve the request with the information provided in the email.
  3. SAO Security will then receive an email after the Agency Security Officer has approved the Request.
  4. Upon SAO Security’s completion of the Request the Agency Security Officer will be notified via email.

PS FN –HCM System Security Documentation


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