The Benefits module provides agencies with the ability to:

  • Assign employees to a Benefit Program and enroll them into specific benefit plans within the Benefit Program;
  • Maintain payroll deduction amounts for all benefit options (including Flexible Benefits Plans which are maintained in the FLEX system);
  • Record participation in ERS Retirement Plans and track the earnings which are allowable for pension calculation;
  • Record leave usage transactions;
  • View leave balance information; and
  • Query leave transaction and balance information, Pensionable Earnings information, and other miscellaneous benefit information.

The following automated processes have been implemented to assist agencies:

  • Accrual process to update Annual and Sick leave balances with earned amounts;
  • Forfeiture process to transfer annual and sick leave balances above legal limits into a forfeiture balance;
  • Annual process to compute leave liability for each agency as of the end of the fiscal year;
  • Annual process to clear Military Leave Balances;
  • Annual process to update the Benefits Base Rate with the April 1st salary amount for Flexible Benefits Open Enrollment benefit calculations;
  • Annual process to refresh the FLEX system with current employee information from HCM prior to the start of Open Enrollment;
  • Annual process to update payroll deduction amounts in HCM for FLEX benefit plans at the end of Open Enrollment;
  • Annual process to update the Pension Salary after performance based salary increases are given.

The 8 Benefit Programs defined for use in HCM are:

  • CNV - Conversion Program (no benefits) is defined for conversion purposes only. It should not be used with any effective date on or after 10-01-1999;
  • FLX - Flexible Benefits Program is to be used for employees eligible to participate in the State of Georgia Flexible Benefits and Health Programs. Employees who are currently eligible to participate in FLEX and who have records in the current FLEX system will be placed in the TeamWorks FLX program. These employees, almost always, are eligible for retirement, leave, deferred compensation, and departmental options;
  • NBP - No Benefits (Garnishments Only) is to be used for employees who are not eligible to participate in Flexible Benefits, State Health Benefits Plans, Deferred Compensation or retirement. This Benefit Program is reserved for use by employees who are only subject to garnishments and/or Defined Contribution;
  • NOF - All but FLEX (No FLEX) is to be used for employees who do not meet the eligibility requirements for Flexible Benefits or State Health Benefit Plans. These employees may, however, be eligible for various other benefits such as leave, retirement, Deferred Compensation, or agency sponsored plans;
  • HNF - ACA No Flex (same as NOF benefit program above)
  • HBP - No Bens ACA Garns & GA defined (same as NBP benefit program above)
  • RET - Retirement Benefit Program is to be used strictly for employees retired from active State service. This should be used only by the Retirement System; and
  • NSW - Non Statewide is for use by the Pension Administration area only. State companies will not use this program; however, under certain circumstances, a state company may transfer an employee out of the NSW Benefit Program.

Determining appropriate effective dates for transactions is critical to the correct usage of the TeamWorks Benefits module. The Download this pdf file. Guidelines for Transaction Effective Dates document provides instruction for determining appropriate effective dates for the most common types of HCM transactions. Specific examples are provided to assist the user in properly applying the guidelines to everyday transaction activity. The Download this pdf file. Action/Reason Codes Manual and the Guidelines for Transaction Effective Dates should be used together to facilitate proper transaction entry in HCM.