The Payroll module provides agencies with the ability to:

  • Maintain employee Tax Data

  • Record additional pay, deductions, and adjustments

  • Enter earnings on Rapid Pay Data Entry

  • Enroll employees in direct deposit

  • Record Savings Bonds

  • Record garnishments

  • Add earnings to paysheets

  • View Year-To-Date Balances

  • View W-2 information

  • View Calculated and Confirmed check information

  • Review and resolve payroll error messages

  • Query various payroll information

The following automated processes have been implemented to assist agencies:

  • Annual update for Additional Pay Amounts

  • Rapid Data Entry Update to the Paysheets

  • Import of earnings information from external Time Keeping Systems

  • Automatic generation of reports such as Calculated Check Summaries, Pre-Confirm Change report, etc.

Several spreadsheets have been created to assist agency personnel in working with the TeamWorks Payroll module. They contain basic set up information about Earnings Programs, Pensions Plans, Deduction Codes, etc. As revisions are made to the setup tables, updated spreadsheets will be posted to this web site.

The Download this pdf file. Pay Group Spreadsheet lists each pay group defined in TeamWorks along with a description of the pay group and the earnings program attached to it.

The Download this pdf file. Earnings Program Spreadsheet lists all Earnings Programs as well as all Earnings Codes that are available for an employee assigned to that Earnings Program. The Long Descriptions shown in the spreadsheet will be printed on pay stubs and the Short Descriptions will be displayed on-line and on reports. Payment Type shows how the earnings must be entered into TeamWorks. The four Payment Types are 1) Either Hours or Amounts OK (you must enter one or the other, but not both), 2) Both Hours and Amounts OK (must enter hours and amounts to process), 3) Hours Only (enter hours only), and 4) Amounts Only (enter amounts only). Eligibility of FICA/Medicare taxes, Federal or State taxes by earnings code is also stated on this spreadsheet as well as the General Ledger (GL) Expense Account Number. If the GL Expense Account Number column shows N/A for an earnings code, it will not be passed to or reported in the General Ledger because it is either used for W-2 reporting or internal processing.

The Download this pdf file. Deduction Codes by Plan Type Spreadsheet lists plan types and deduction codes. Plan 00 is for General Deductions, Plan 20 is for Life Plans (Imputed Income), Plan 40, 4X, 4Y, and 4Z are for Savings Plans (401 and 457), and the 80 Series Plans are for Pensions and Employer Costs associated with the State Health Benefit Plan. Long and Short Descriptions are included for each deduction code as well as GL Liability and Expense Account identifiers. The Liability Account field is made up of many identifiers for financials. Using the sample General Ledger Liability account number of 215XXX-EE_W/H-6-06999-EE_W/H; the identifiers are broken down as follows: 215XXX(Liability Account)-EE_W/H(Organization)-6(Fund) -06999(Program)-EE_W/H(Project). Organization, Fund and Project are default values that have been assigned for withholding type accounts only. Valid chart field combinations will be used for Expense and Employer Liability accounts. Tax code $U is for Federal taxes and Tax Code GA is for State taxes. Tax Deduction Codes are stipulated as follows: H=withholding taxes, C=EIC credits, D=FICA OASDI tax, and F=FICA Medicare tax.

The Download this pdf file. Deduction Code Taxibility and Frequency Spreadsheet lists all Deduction Codes and Taxes and shows the taxability of each deduction and when the deduction is set up to be withheld from the employee. The column When Deducted From Payroll establishes which pay period the deduction will be taken. The Taxability of Deduction column shows if the deduction is exempt from taxes (FICA/Medicare, Federal Withholding, or State Withholding). The Priority number designates the order to take deductions when there are not enough earnings to cover all deductions. The lower the priority number, the higher the priority. TeamWorks will use the priority to insure all employees processed through payroll confirmation will receive a check/advice.

The Download this pdf file. Priority of Deductions Spreadsheet lists all withholdings in order of priority. The spreadsheet also includes the plan types and deduction codes.

The Download this pdf file. Pension Plan Spreadsheet lists all 80 Series Plan Types with the corresponding Benefit Plan and Deduction Code for the Employee Deduction, Employer Pick-Up, and Employer Cost.