LD Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of the Labor Detail Report manual?

    The Labor Detail Reports panel allows business units to order Labor Expense Detail Reports by Pay End Date, Calendar Month, Fiscal Quarter and Fiscal Year to Date. It will also give business units an option of ordering the Expense Detail Report and Summary Recap or ordering a Summary Recap only.

  • What does the Labor Distribution panel shot look like?

    Click Download this pdf file. here to view an example a Labor Distribution panel shot. Also, when ordering the Fiscal Quarter Report you must now take in consideration the Quarters within the Fiscal Year instead of the calendar year. When ordering the Fiscal Year to Date Report, input the Fiscal Year in the Calendar Year/Fiscal Year field. The Fiscal Year to Date report number is LDXXX024 (O, F, P).

  • What is the Labor Release-I document?

    Click Download this pdf file. here to view the Labor Release-I document. For questions, please contact SAO Financial Systems at 404-657-3956 or 888-896-7771.