Technology Requirements

Defining End User Workstation Hardware Requirements

The following end user workstation requirements are based on power user type operations such as intensive data-entry, navigating between many pages, and so on. Since these requirements stem from real-world scenarios, they are higher than the manufacturer’s minimum for a given web browser and operating system combination. However, TeamWorks products will function on platforms meeting the manufacturer’s minimum requirements for a given web browser and operating system combination, but will not deliver the optimal user experience.

General end user workstation hardware requirements are as follows:

While additional memory is generally beneficial, 256 MB is the minimum recommended.

  • 1 GHz Pentium or equivalent processor (Pentium 800 MHz minimum)
  • VGA controller and display of 800x600 resolution or higher and High Color (16 bit) mode for the best display results.

Memory Requirements:

For an optimal user experience, a power user should have a system with 1 GB RAM. A minimum of 512 MB RAM on the client is required for all power user applications. This assumes that a typical power user will run three browsers (two for transactions, one for process monitor). The browser instances use 15 MB of memory each. A self-service end user would only need minimum memory to run their operating system plus one instance of their web browser.

CPU Requirements:

CPU speed affects HTML page rendering and refresh time. For an optimal user experience, all power users should have a 1 GHz Pentium or equivalent processor with a decent graphics adapter.

Screen Resolution Requirements:

Monitor display resolution should set to a minimum of 800x600. To enrich the power user’s experience, some PIA pages use a higher resolution, such as 1024x768.

Defining End User Workstation Software Requirements

Basic end user workstation software requirements are as follows:

  • Oracle recommends that TeamWorks customers use Excel 2007 or higher

Supported Browsers

To see what Browsers are supported for TeamWorks Application, please visit the “Supported Browsers” page on the SAO website.


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