Frequently Asked Questions

A: How to Requests or Delete or Correct Job or Position Data Rows

Q: Deleting or changing of rows, rather than insertion of correcting rows, raises concerns or problems in a number of areas. The first is in SAO HCM'S ability to meet audit standards. SAO Job Data rows need to reflect the actual employment records for each individual in the system.

Deletions, as well as corrections to existing rows, can also significantly impact Payroll records by producing "orphan" payroll data (e.g., retro payments where there is no support on Job Data for why the payments were changed; annual leave pay outs when the employees appear to not have been terminated, etc.). There can also appear to be erroneous payroll actions, which were actually not processes by Payroll.

Deleting rows may also result in incorrect or incomplete data being sent to the FLEX and Service Award systems-presenting a number of problems.

Given the above considerations and concerns, the use of correction and deletion is restricted.

The correct procedure for correcting Job and Position data is as follows:

  1. Agencies will be expected to correct as many Job and Position Data actions as possible by inserting a row and using the established "correct" or "repeal" Action Reasons (see list below).

  2. For those actions that the agency cannot correct, a standard change request form must be emailed to the SAO HCM Agency Support staff.

  3. The request form must specify the changes the Agency Support Desk is to perform AND an explanation of why the agency cannot correct the problem as indicated in (1). Requests without this explanation will be returned.

  4. The change request form must be signed by the requestor AND an authorizing supervisor or manager. Requests without an authorizing signature will be returned.

  5. The authorizing signature will be validated against a list of approved supervisors/managers provided by each agency. SAO sponsors should submit additions or deletions this list to [email protected]. Submissions should include (1) Name, (2) Job Title, (3) Phone Number, (4) Fax number, and (5) E-mail address. If the individual's authorizing authority is to be restricted to certain employee populations or actions, please include such information as a comment. Requests containing approval signatures of individuals not on the agency-approved list will be returned.

To assist agencies and the Agency Support Desk in documenting the addition or correction of rows, Job Comments page was created. This page automatically includes the operator ID and date/time stamp of the transaction and offers a "Comments" field for recording information explaining a transaction or purpose for inserting or changing a row of data.

Click Download this doc file. here for the Job and Position Data Change Request Form.

Note: The form may be printed, all fields completed by hand, and emailed to the Agency Support Desk. The form is a Word document. The fields can be completed in Word, saved and attached to an e-mail sent to the Agency Support Desk. When e-mailing the form, type the requestor's and authorizing individual's name in the "Signature" field, as well as in the name fields.


The Agency Support Desk e-mail address and fax number are provided on the form.

Correction and Repeal Action Reasons

The following are the most commonly used correction and repeal Action Reasons:

  • DTA CFI Change FICA Status

  • DTA CSH Change Standard Hours

  • DTA CSD Change Service Date

  • DTA CJ1 Correct Job Data 1 Information

  • DTA CJ2 Correct Job Data 2 Information

  • DTA CSC Correct Salary/Compensation Info

  • DTA CBB Correct Annual Benefit Base Rt

  • DTA CER Correct/Add Empl Review Rating

  • REH RTA Repeal Incorrect Termination Account

  • TER RHA Repeal Incorrect Hire Action

The Download this pdf file. SAO Action/Reason Codes document and the Download this pdf file. SAO Guidelines for Transaction Effective Dates document were created to assist users in the selection of proper codes and effective dates.

Setting up Part-time Board Members as Employees

Part-time Board Members should NOT be set up as hourly employees in HCM. Making them Hourly, with the Comp Rate set to the equivalent of the daily rate, then leaving the Standard Hours at 40 causes substantial problems with reporting.

When asked to provide data on "over $150,000 annually" employees (frequently requested by the General Assembly and/or the Governor), Board Members set up as hourly will show an annualized salary that will put them in this category.

The correct method for setting up Board Members is as follows:

  1. Create one or more positions using Job Code A0048 - Board Member (a single position may be multi-encumbered)

  2. Assign the position on an appropriate hourly Paygroup (SCOA 510, 512, 513)

  3. Leave Standard Hours blank (or hours may be left at 1 for positions set up under previous instructions)

  4. The Salary Plan/Grade will default to APO-Additional Pay Only. Keep these values. Leave the employee's Compensation Rate and Annual Benefits Base Rate blank.

For Payroll, the employees will be paid as Additional Pay only (no salary), with a component code of BMB.

FLSA Status

FLSA status is determined and maintained at the Position Data level and written to the employee Job Data record.

FLSA on Position Data

FLSA Status is maintained at the position level. FLSA STATUS ON THE JOB DATA PAGE IS DISPLAY ONLY AND IS NOT AN ENTERABLE FIELD. All FLSA determinations ARE made only at the Position level and defaulted to the employee.

When necessary to change FLSA Status, a user MUST insert a new row in Position Data. The new Position row will normally create a new Job Data row for each incumbent of the position. (If there is more than one incumbent on a position, all incumbents WILL have the same FLSA Status written to Job Data. NOTE: If one or more incumbents of a position have a Job Data row with an effective date later than the effective date of the position transaction, a Job Data row will NOT be written and the FLSA Status of the employee and the position will not be in agreement.)

The Action/Reason Code to be used when changing FLSA status is Position Chg/CFL.

Correcting Job/Position Records

If the FLSA Status on an employee's Job Data page is not in agreement with the FLSA Status on the Position Data page, the discrepancy should be corrected by utilizing ONE of the following:

  1. Transfer the employee (Action/Reason = Transfer/LAT) to a different position assigned to the same Job Code and having the correct FLSA status

  2. Enter a position transaction (Action/Reason = Position Chg/CFL) with the correct FLSA status and an effective date equal to, or later than, the current Job Data row. In order to correct an employee's Job Data record, it will be necessary to enter a position transaction even if the FLSA Status of the position is currently correct.