Vendor Management (Agency) FAQs

  • Q1. How do I know if my vendor information was processed?

    A1. All vendor maintenance requests will be processed within 48 hours of receipt from the state agency submitting the form. Vendors can then access the supplier portal to view updates to the vendor file.

  • Q2. Why is a vendor in unapproved status?

    A2. All vendors are in unapproved status until the VMG reviews and approves any and all change requests including additions. Once VMG completes their verification process, the vendor status will become approved.

  • Q3. How do I know if my agency is configured to send ACH payments?

    A3. To determine if your agency is configured to send ACH payments, please contact fiscal office within the agency. If the fiscal office needs assistance with the determination, please contact the State Accounting Office Customer Service Center at [email protected].

  • Q4. How do I know if my bank is set up to receive ACH payments?

    A4. The following banks are currently set up to receive ACH payments from the state: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, CB&T.

  • Q5. How will I know if a vendor changed their banking information?

    A5. The VMG will generate a query and communicate with agencies who conduct business with the vendor.

  • Q6. When is a vendor considered “officially” converted?

    A6. A vendor is converted when an agency or SAO has certified that all state agencies can pay the vendor’s one bank account or “general account.”

  • Q7. How do I know if a vendor is converted?

    A7. Agencies can review the vendor’s information in the vendor master file to see if the the description field on location 1 or general account is labeled “ACH PRIMARY.” It can also be found on the report in the “Vendor Maintenance/Conversion” section of the website.

  • Q8. What is a general account?

    A8. A general account is a bank account certified by the vendor and converted by the agency to accept payments from all state agencies. It is location 1 in vendor master file.

  • Q9. What is a specific purpose account?

    A9. A specific purpose account is an account other than the primary account that is needed by the vendor. After conversion, a specific purpose account will not be assigned to location 1 and is labeled for the specific purpose of the account.

  • Q10. How do I know what location to use for an ACH payment?

    A10. If the vendor is “converted” agencies will always use location 1. The exception is if the vendor has a specific purpose account.

  • Q11. Can I make an ACH payment to a vendor that is not converted?

    A11. Yes, but check the vendor spreadsheet to make sure only one location is ACH enabled. The spreadsheet can be found in the “Vendor Maintenance/Conversion” section of the website. If the vendor has more than one location with bank account information populated, please check with the vendor on what bank account to use.

  • Q12. My agency already has a form to send to vendors to change bank account information can I continue to use that form?

    A12. All agencies should use the Download this pdf file. standard form provided by SAO.

  • Q13. Can I add a new vendor without using the vendor management bank account form?

    A13. New vendors will not be approved without completing the vendor management bank account form.

  • Q14. What do I need to do to reactivate a vendor?

    A14. To reactivate a vendor follow the instructions located below:

    1. Navigate to the “Identifying Information” tab
    2. Review “Vendor Name 2” to assess the reason the vendor has been inactivated
      • In most cases, you will see the following reason: “XX-XX-16, Per IRS no match, W-9 required”
    3. Contact the vendor to obtain an updated, signed W-9 form.
    4. To re-activate the vendor, submit the new W-9 form, along with a completed Vendor Management form, to the Vendor Management Group at [email protected].