Fiscal Leadership for Georgia

Labor Distribution


The Labor Distribution Module was developed by the State Accounting team using PeopleTools. The delivered Time and Labor module from TeamWorks requires the payroll to be on a lag or delayed pay cycle. The State of Georgia is not on a lag which required a customer module to manage labor distribution after the payroll is processed.

This module:

  • Triggers the release of labor when agencies confirm that distributions and corrections are complete
  • Interfaces with the State Accounting Office General Ledger and Account Payables modules

The Labor Distribution Module allows users to:

  • Change the distribution of labor by percent or hours
  • Edit for errors using the error reports
  • Distribute labor by Program
  • Redistribute fringes and withholdings calculated in the State Accounting Office Payroll module
  • View and use the same type of reports previously used with the legacy systems
  • Query user-defined ad-hoc reports through the HRMS Module