Vendor Management (General) FAQs

  • Q1. Where can I find vendor forms?

    A1. Vendor forms are located under the “Vendor Management/Vendor Maintenance-Conversion” page of the State Accounting Office website.

  • Q2. How do I update my vendor information?

    A2. Vendor information can be updated by completing the vendor maintenance form, selecting the type of change, and submitting to the accounts payable department of the state agency currently conducting business with the vendor.

  • Q3. Who is responsible for completing vendor forms?

    A3. Vendors should complete Sections 1-5 of the vendor maintenance form. The Vendor Liaison is responsible for validating the entire form and providing confirmation signature.

  • Q4. Is it required that I use ACH to receive payments from the state?

    A4. Yes when practical. Consistent with the Executive Order Regarding the prompt and efficient payment for goods and services provided to the State, revised and issued 12/21/10, agencies, departments, and institutions shall utilize electronic disbursement methods, consistent with O.C.G.A 50-5B-3(3) for payments to contractors/vendors.

  • Q5. How do I enroll in electronic payments?

    A5. To enroll in electronic payments, vendors are required to complete Section 1-3 of the vendor maintenance form and email documents to the accounts payable department of the state agency conducting business with the vendor.

  • Q6. How can I see remittance data on an ACH payment?

    A6. You can view it through online through your bank, though, some banks charge extra fees to view it. You can also view it by the State of Georgia Supplier Portal.

  • Q7. What is the Supplier Portal?

    A7. The supplier portal is an online system that enables vendors to view payment information, including invoice reference, payment dates, payer identification and scheduled payments. This is available 24 hours/day 7day/week with some minor downtime each month for maintenance.

  • Q8. How do I access the supplier portal to view my invoice and payment information?

    A8. To access the supplier portal go to the “Vendor Management/Payment Management” page of the State Accounting Office website. Here you will also find the link to the supplier portal, as well as additional information regarding the supplier portal.

  • Q9. Who do I contact if the supplier portal shows a payment made but funds have not been received?

    A9. Please contact the accounts payable department of the state agency conducting business with the vendor.

  • Q10. When will I start receiving electronic payments?

    A10. The next applicable payment after the vendor file has been updated with the vendor’s banking information.