Agency Vendor Liaison Contact Registration

As defined in the Vendor Management Policy, the Vendor Liaison is an agency assigned individual that is responsible and accountable for ensuring that all vendor information submitted to the State Accounting Office (SAO) for processing is accurate and complete. This individual serves as the liaison between the agency and SAO for all vendor related matters. The expectations for the Vendor Liaison are as follows:

  • Exercise due diligence in obtaining accurate information from the vendor.

  • Sign the vendor management form as the designated agency representative that is authorized to submit vendor information to the SAO Vendor Management Group.

  • Serve as the point of contact should the SAO Vendor Management Group need to communicate information to the agency.

Each agency Chief Financial Officer must identify a primary liaison and two (2) alternate liaisons. If there is a legitimate business process need to have more than two (2) alternate liaisons, please email the Vendor Management Group at [email protected] for review and approval.

Chief Financial Officer: Complete the Agency Vendor Liaison Contact Registration Form