AP Frequently Asked Questions

  • I added a vendor this morning but it hasn’t been approved yet. Why?

    The SAO vendor staff has 48 hours in order to approve new vendors or make changes to a current vendor record. If your vendor has not been approved or changes made after 48 hours, please call the SAO Customer Service Center @ 404-657-3956 or 888-896-7771.

  • I need to have EFT information added to a vendor record. How do I get this information added?

    Send an email to [email protected] requesting that EFT information be added to a vendor record. Be sure to include all banking information (Bank routing ID and Vendor Bank Account number). You may also fax the information to 404-463-5089 Attn: Vendor Maintenance.

  • I need to have a vendor name changed. How do I get the name changed on the vendor file?

    Have the vendor fill out a new W-9 form (taxpayer ID form) and submit it as an attachment in an email to the [email protected] address. You may also fax a copy of the form to 404-463-5089 (Attn: Vendor Maintenance).

  • Must every vendor have a Taxpayer ID number?

    Yes. All vendors must have a taxpayer ID of some type. It may be an FEI number or a Social Security number. It may also be “FOREIGN” if the vendor is not a USA vendor.

  • May I add an employee as a vendor and make a payment to them in the same day?

    Yes. If the employee vendor record is to be used on the Header panel of the voucher (ex. Travel payment). If you need to use the employee vendor ID for a third party payment, the vendor record must go through overnight processing in order to be added to a table of which the AP process will pull the employee ID record to ensure that the vendor is truly an employee. The voucher may be set up and payment made to the employee after this overnight process.

  • My system seems to be slow in its processing. Is there anything that I can do to speed up the system?

    Your Cache Files may need to be cleared. See below:

  • I can’t pull a Purchase Order into a PO Voucher. Why?

    Check the Purchase Order. In order for a Purchase order to be pulled into AP, the Purchase Order must be in a dispatched status. In order for a Purchase Order to be in a dispatched status, it must have first been approved and/or budget checked.

  • Can I delete a voucher that has not posted?

    Yes. The only way to cancel a voucher that has not posted is to delete it. (Process, Voucher delete, Delete voucher)

  • Can I delete a voucher that has already posted to the ledger?

    No. If a voucher has already posted to the ledger, it must be closed instead of deleted. (Process, Voucher Close, Close Voucher)

  • I was expecting a check to be produced by the system for a voucher but the check didn’t process. Why?

    There are several areas of the voucher that might have caused the non-payment. Check the following:

    • Make sure that the voucher has a valid budget checking status.
    • Make sure that the Scheduled Due date is less than the date requested on the check run.
    • Verify that your Pay cycle was successfully requested.
    • Make sure that the vendor selected on the voucher is a valid vendor/location.
    • Check for Negative Balances for the Vendor (Create Payments Panel Group)
  • My voucher has a “Recycled” status on it. Why?

    There are several reasons that the voucher may have been placed in a recycled status. Check the following:

    • Invoice # - If the invoice number entered on a voucher is a duplicate of another invoice number, your voucher is placed in a recycled status.
    • Out of Balance - If the sum of the voucher lines on the Line Information & Charges panel does not equal the gross amount on the Voucher Header, the difference will be displayed in the top right corner of the Header panel. This is the amount by which the voucher is out of balance.
  • I need to add shipping charges to a Voucher. How do I add a voucher line?

    Once the voucher has been accessed, go to the Line Information & Charges panel. Place the cursor into the Description field and insert a new voucher line. This new voucher line should be used to expense the shipping charges. Keep in mind that if this is related to a purchase order, the system tolerances levels would have to be examined before entries are made.

  • I need to make a partial payment on a Purchase Order. How do I make a partial payment?

    It depends upon the “Charge By” selection on the Distribution panel of the Purchase Order. If the purchase order is set to ‘Charge By’ Amount, the user may change the amount on the Lines Information & Charges panel of the PO Voucher. If the purchase order is set to “Charge By’ Quantity, the user must change the quantity field on the Lines Information & Charges panel of the PO Voucher in order to affect the amount of the voucher (PO) line.

  • I have a credit memo to enter for a vendor. How do I add a credit memo?

    A credit memo should be added using an Adjustment Voucher. By using an Adjustment Voucher, the user may relate the credit memo to a previously paid voucher. Negative amounts that are entered on the Header panel of an Adjustment Voucher will not copy to the Line Information & Charges panel and must be entered manually by the user.

  • I need to make a payment to a third party vendor for an employee. How do I need to set up the voucher?
    In order to correlate expenses to an employee, the employee should first be set up as a vendor. After the vendor record is established and processes through overnight processing, the voucher may be established. The vendor on the Voucher Header panel should be the third party vendor (check will be made to this vendor). On the Line Information & Charges panel, a separate voucher line should be entered for each individual employee for whom payment is being made. The Third Party Check-box should be checked and each employee vendor Id entered into the Recipient field on this panel. All voucher line amounts should equal the total amount entered on the Voucher Header panel.
  • I have certain payments that are made every month. Is there an easy way to set these vouchers up in the system?

    There are several ways to set up these type payments. A Template Voucher may be set up to use for payments that occur often. This Template may be used again and again for a particular vendor. There is also a Recurring Voucher which will allow the set up of multiple vouchers at one time.

  • I have outstanding payables with a zero gross amount. How do I clear these payables from my report?

    A Pay Cycle should be set to clear the Zero payables from your reports. Under Create Payments, Payment Selection Criteria, select the Date Criteria panel, mark the check box “Process Zero Pay Cycle”. On the Bank/Payment Method Criteria panel select the check box next to the Bank/Bank Account from which you wish to clear the payables. The system will assign a “ZPYMT” reference number to the voucher which will clear the payable from your reports.

  • I have received my travel report for the month and I have expenses that were made to a non-employee (marked with an asterisk *). How do I correct this entry?

    An Adjustment voucher must be entered to remove the travel expense from the incorrect vendor ID and to place the expense into the correct vendor record.

    The vendor on the adjustment voucher header panel should be the vendor whose record is incorrect. Voucher line 1 (Line Information & Charges panel) should relate to the vendor on the header and should be for a negative (-) amount. A second voucher line should be inserted for the third party checkbox to be available for entry or selection of the correct employee vendor ID with a positive (+) amount. The gross amount of the adjustment voucher should be zero.

  • When I enter a vendor into the header record of a voucher (or copy from a PO), the 1099 button becomes active (1099 button located beside the vendor ID). Why?

    This means that the vendor selected is a 1099 vendor. Voucher lines may be selected or deselected for 1099 reporting by pressing the 1099 button.

    When a vendor is activated for 1099 effective after the date on a PO, the 1099 drilldown button on the PO vouchers created will be active, but none of the lines will be selected for 1099. A user may have to exit out of the saved voucher and re-enter to see the 1099 button active. The users should then drilldown to the 1099 panel and select the line(s).

    When the vendor used on a PO is selected for 1099, the selection of the 1099 button and 1099 code defaults unto the PO (Lines panel, use double chevrons). Then when a PO Voucher is created, the 1099 drilldown button is grayed. To get the 1099 button to activate, exit then re-enter the voucher, then select to drilldown into the 1099 Information panel to verify selection of lines or to deselect as needed.

    When the vendor is not selected for 1099, the PO will not be selected for 1099 and the 1099 drilldown button on the voucher will be grayed.

  • Are 1099’s created on a calendar year or fiscal year basis?

    1099’s are reported based on a calendar year.

  • My agency needs to add a new Bank and Bank Account. How do I get new accounts added for my agency?

    See the “Forms” section on the Financial Website under the AP Module and select the “New Bank Account” form. Fill out this form and submit it to FSS and the new bank and/or account will be set up.

  • How does my agency get blank check stock to use for manual check printing?

    Each agency should get blank check stock from their bank.

  • Yesterday I voided a check and placed the voucher on hold, but today, the voucher is still grayed like nothing was done. What should I look for to let me know that the cancel payment was successful and that my voucher is still available for processing?

    Go to the Scheduled Payments panel and the scroll bar should be at the top, indicating that there is additional information. Pull the scroll bar down and there should be an additional payments panel that is active and that should have the “Hold” checkbox selected.

  • I have entered a voucher which includes a discount. I want to be sure that this payment is processed in the next pay cycle so that the discount is not lost. How do I ensure that the payment is processed in time?
    When a voucher is saved, the Scheduled Due date is calculated based on the terms and the Invoice Date. To ensure that the discounted voucher is selected in the next pay cycle, you should change the Scheduled Due date to current date and be sure that the pay cycle includes this date.