Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Module provides agencies with the ability to:

  • Create expenditures for the following types of vouchers: regular operating, employee travel, and third party expense

  • Create partial payments for Purchase Orders (POs)

  • Create vouchers from off-line interfaces such as Labor and Payroll

  • Create adjustment (correction) vouchers

  • Generate vendor payments through system checks, manual checks, wire payments, electronic fund transfers, express checks, and general fund transfers

  • Generate payroll employee withholding and labor fringe payments

The accounting transactions created by Accounts Payable are subsidiary ledger entries for the General Ledger.

The Accounts Payable Module provides reports, inquiries and queries that can be used to:

  • Balance liability, expense and disbursement accounts to the General Ledger

  • Perform bank reconciliation

  • Identify and resolve errors with titles such as "Budget Exceptions" and "Voucher-Not-Posted"

  • View and correct voucher and payment data.

This module also provides for 1099 Tax Reporting through 1099 Misc forms which are produced for vendors meeting 1099 criteria. Additionally, the module creates a file for the IRS which includes the information that was distributed to the vendors.