Georgia Revenues and Reserves

The objective of the Georgia Revenues and Reserves report (formerly known as the Selected Summary Financial Information report) is to present information about taxes, fees, assessments, and other revenues collected under Constitutional and statutory authority and remitted to the Office of the State Treasurer (OST) during the fiscal year. The report also provides the legislative appropriation of such funds as set forth in the Amended Appropriations Act for each year.

This report does not provide a comprehensive analysis of the State’s general operating revenue, but discloses only those amounts remitted to OST. Federal funds and departmental collections retained for use by the various departments and agencies of the State are not presented in this report.

The information contained in this report should not be construed to present the financial position or results of operations of the State of Georgia as a whole. Such information will be presented in the State of Georgia Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

The pages of the Georgia Revenues and Reserves Report are viewable only with the Adobe Reader.

Georgia Revenues and Reserves Reports

Selected Summary Financial Information