Payroll Shared Services

SAO offers end-to-end payroll processing for any of the State’s organizations using the HCM module of TeamWorks. Payroll Shared Services (PSS) currently serves over 25 state organizations ranging from small authorities to large multi-faceted law enforcement organizations. In total we process well over 14,000 paychecks per pay cycle along with all of the associated accounts payable vouchers and required Federal quarterly employer tax filings. PSS leverages this volume to provide consistent transaction processing and regulatory compliance. And, because we are able to process more with less, an organization’s financial commitment is less than what they could operate in-house.

Our current customers include: GDA (402), DOAS (403), DOAA (404), DPH (405), B&F (406), SAO (407), OCI (408), GSFIC (409), SPC (410), GVRA (412), PAC (418), OPB (422), DCA (428), DEcD (429), DJJ (461), PAP (465), DECAL (469), GBI (471), DOR (474), GSFC (476), DCS (477), DVS (488), GCH (495), GBA (900), SRTA (927), ATL (996)

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in more information about Payroll Shared Services. We onboard agencies at the beginning of each quarter to align with federal tax filings -- let us help you decide which quarter is best for your agency and your staff.


  • SAO PSS is only authorized to assist with payroll transactions and processing for agency customers with active, signed service level agreements.
  • If you are a current or former state employee and have questions about your paycheck/benefits, please contact your agency human resources department. For security purposes, SAO PSS is not authorized to discuss such matters with employees of other agencies.


Payroll Calendars

SAO Payroll Shared Services Contact Information: [email protected]