Spreadsheet Upload Template

TeamWorks 9.2 Spreadsheet Upload Template

Step 1: Delete the current folder(s) containing the journal spreadsheet files from 9.1/8.8 versions.

Step 2: Click on the following link and download the instructions on how to upload Spreadsheet Journals in to General Ledger:

Step 3: To use Excel to create an upload file to load a journal into TeamWorks 9.2, you will need to download the files below based on your operating system. The files should be placed in a folder off the root directory (for example C:\GL_Upload).

NOTE: The folder used to store the files SHOULD NOT be a subfolder (for example C:\user\GL_Upload).

Right click the links below and select Save Target As.

NOTE: Please be patient when you first start using the new 9.2 spreadsheet. You may encounter different spreadsheet formatting and configuration issues. The following information on troubleshooting provides instructions on resolving the most common errors received.


1. If you receive a Visual Basic compile error message, see the following document for troubleshooting steps that can be taken to resolve the issue.
     Download this pdf file. Visual Basic Error Message

Compile error message

NOTE: This occurs because the spreadsheet is not automatically associating to the macro file that was        placed in the same directory. This should be a one-time error after applying the fix.


2. If you receive an Excel 64 Bit Visual Basic compile error message, see the following document for troubleshooting steps that can be taken to resolve the issue. 64 Bit Visual Basic Error Message



NOTE: As delivered, the spreadsheet will only work with the 32 bit version of Excel. This fix enables 64 bit versions of Excel to work with the spreadsheet


3. When attempting to import journals with the Import Now button, you may encounter various errors. See the following documents for troubleshooting

Imported 0 Journals -- System ID (Unit, Journal ID, Date) Reference, Description: No additional detail is provided

import zero journals


Data copy/paste formatting issue.
Download this pdf file. Imported 0 Journals


Invalid decimal position on amount value
Data can only be loaded with 2 decimal positions. If there are more than 2 decimal positions, this error will be generated.

invalid decimal position


Download this pdf file. Invalid Decimal Position


4. Users may encounter the following security risk message when attempting to use a newly downloaded GL journal upload template.Users may encounter this message as Microsoft office automatically blocks macros downloaded from the internet. Users are asked to use the enclosed procedures to add the SAO website to the list of trusted websites on a state issued computer.

Security Risk Error

Download this pdf file. Microsoft has blocked macros from running because the source of this file is untrusted .
**This procedure may be used for the GL journal upload template and the budget journal upload template.**

Do you need the previous download information? Click here: TeamWorks 9.1 Spreadsheet Upload Template