Premium Tax Credits (PTC)

  • Q1: What are the in-scope Agencies/Populations included in these services?

    A1: Agencies/entities that utilize both TeamWorks (PeopleSoft) for payroll and participate in the State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP) and DFCS.

  • Q2. What are the ACA thresholds and penalties for failure to have eligible employees under an offer of coverage?

    A2. Please refer to the DOAS ACA Questions and Answers Bulletin, Section 6 – Reporting and Penalties. Refer to the IRS and Other Resources section.

  • Q3. Are there talking points for Premium Tax Credit?


    • Inform your managers what to do should they receive a PTC.
    • Immediately send EY any notices from the Healthcare Marketplaces, as time is of the essence. Employers only have 90 days to file an appeal.
    • Send PTCs to: [email protected] or Fax to: 305-328-9719 or Mail to State of Georgia C/O EY ACA Services, P.O. Box 227017 Dallas, TX 75222-7017
    • If notices are not received by EY and processed in time, substantial penalties may exist for State of Georgia.
  • Q4. Who will receive the Premium Tax Credit Notices?

    A4. Ideally, these should be sent to EY Marketplace Services. However, there is no guarantee since the notices are generated based on information provided to the exchange by individuals.

  • Q5. What should I do if I receive a Premium Tax Credit Notice?

    A5. Please forward any Premium Tax Credit Notices received by your agency immediately to [email protected] or Fax to 305-328-9719 or mail to State of Georgia C/O EY ACA, P.O. Box 227017, Dallas, TX 75222-7017 as these notices are time sensitive for appeal purposes.

  • Q6. Is there a report available of PTC Notices received by EY?

    A6. SAO will receive a report of PTC Notices and will contact the appropriate agencies.

  • Q7. Does an individual have to provide any proof of employment when applying for a Premium Tax Credit?

    A7. No, individuals do not have to provide proof of employment.

  • Q8. What is an appeals package for a PTC Notice?

    A8. An appeals package includes documentation to support the appeal. Appeal packages are submitted to the IRS once approved by the responsible agency/entity.

  • Q9. Who decides whether or not to appeal a PTC Notice?

    A9. The decision to appeal is the responsibility of each agency/entity. EY will prepare documentation/support for an appeal. Each agency/entity is responsible to review and approve each submission.