Alan Skelton

State Accounting Officer

Alan Skelton was initially appointed as the State Accounting Officer by Governor Nathan Deal in July 2012. He was reappointed by Governor Brian Kemp in January 2019. He provides accounting leadership for the State of Georgia, which includes oversight of statewide financial reporting, issuing accounting policy and interpretation of GAAP standards, and the implementation of business process improvements.

Kelly Dudley is the Deputy State Accounting Officer for Administration and Chief Financial Officer for the State Accounting Office of Georgia. She brings more than 25 years of program management, process improvement, and fiscal governance knowledge.

Kris Martins is the Deputy State Accounting Officer, Financial Reporting for the State of Georgia’s State Accounting Office.

Barbara Rosenke-Sweeney joined the State Accounting Office (SAO) in July 2015 as the Division Director of Enterprise Applications Support. Barbara is the Chief Information Officer for the Department and leads the TeamWorks Division.