April 29, 2022

April NextGen Newsletter


Welcome to our very first edition of the NextGen Newsletter. This publication will be used to provide stakeholders with a brief update on the progress of the project and to find out where we are headed next. Please join us each month for the latest news on NextGen. If you have any questions or concerns, email us at [email protected].
This month, Team NextGen has some really big news! The project budget has been approved! The Georgia General Assembly passed the State Fiscal Year 2023 budget with $50 million allocated to the NextGen project. This means we can move forward with our plans to find the right technology solution for replacing Georgia’s aging human capital and financials software, PeopleSoft / TeamWorks. We are excited to kick off this project because we know it can propel Georgia into the forefront of technology and seriously change the way our state does business. Thank you to our
governor, lawmakers and stakeholders for supporting this important initiative!


NextGen Townhall

On April 7, we hosted the NextGen Townhall for our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and agency heads. The Townhall provided an overview of the project, details on the project timeline and why it is important for Georgia’s agencies. Following the Townhall, the SMEs learned more about deep dive demonstrations, their roles, scoring and more. If you would like a copy of the Townhall presentation, please email [email protected]


Deep Dives & Test Drives

Our next step involves taking a deeper look at our options. We have several SMEs from across the state participating in Deep Dives with software providers. The SMEs will be sitting in on demos and participating in test drives of the software to see what these providers can offer and how their solutions can work for Georgia. The SMEs will provide feedback and scores that will help us choose the right provider. 

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