July 26, 2022

July NextGen Newsletter

Deep Dives


From late April through the end of May 2022, hundreds of PeopleSoft/TeamWorks subject matter experts (SMEs) from across Georgia’s many agencies and entities attended deep dive sessions to help evaluate potential platforms to replace our aging PeopleSoft financials and human capital management (HCM) systems. The sessions were organized into Finance, HCM/Talent Management, eProcurement and Data and Analytics functional areas. Within each of the functional areas, the SMEs examined and reviewed all the platforms’ capabilities. The deep dives were conducted over 16 business days, so this effort required a substantial commitment from everyone involved.


The NextGen Steering Committee recognizes and extends its sincere appreciation to everyone who participated in these meetings and their valuable contributions toward making a platform selection. And a tremendous thank you is also extended to the Department of Administrative Services’ State Purchasing Division, which is responsible for guiding us through this process. The division’s careful planning and coordination led to a thorough and seamless review of the platforms.

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Next Steps


There is more work to be done as we move forward with next steps in selection and process mapping, and we will be leaning on our stakeholders again to assist. Your input in every step of the process is critical to achieving success and realizing the goal of taking our systems into the next generation!


The most important next step involving stakeholders is process mapping. Most state entities that will use the next generation system are governed by the same financial, HCM, and procurement policies; however, the business processes, system modules, and information entered may differ among each entity. These differences impact the policies, procedures, segregation of duties and technology that need to be documented as part of this initiative. In the upcoming months, agencies should expect to participate in these process mapping activities.


NextGen website


The NextGen website has launched! The site is our newest tool to help educate our partners and stakeholders about this important initiative. It covers basic information about the project as well as details about governance, project timeline, frequently asked questions, related documents and copies of our newsletter. You can visit the website at https://sao.georgia.gov/nextgen. Please share it with anyone who is looking to learn more about NextGen!

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