May 15, 2023

May 2023 NextGen Newsletter

The NextGen Project aims to modernize the state’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system by replacing PeopleSoft Financials and Human Capital Management with a new cloud-based solution that will propel Georgia government into the forefront of technology and change the way we do business. Click here to learn more.

What's New

On April 25, the NextGen team provided a project update at the 2023 Georgia Procurement Conference on Jekyll Island. It was a great opportunity to spread the word about Georgia’s new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and spend some time with our partners in procurement.

Georgia Procurement Conference


What's Next

The Request for Proposals (RFP) for NextGen’s System Implementation (SI) partner will close on May 15. A cross-functional team from the State Accounting Office and the Department of Administrative Services will then evaluate the submissions. Once the implementation partner is selected, the NextGen team will be busy onboarding the new SI team to kick off the next phase of the project. 

As a reminder, from the issue date of the RFP until the final award is announced (or the eRFP is officially canceled), suppliers are not allowed to communicate for any reason with any State staff except through the Issuing Officer on matters concerning the RFP. Prohibited communication includes all contact or interaction, including but not limited to telephonic communications, emails, faxes, letters, or personal meetings, such as lunch, entertainment, or otherwise.


You Oughta Know

The NextGen project team has engaged Managed Services resources – a team that will assist in taking over PeopleSoft support as more staff members transition to work on the NextGen project. As the NextGen project team grows, you may see and hear from a few new names and faces when reaching out for support on the current PeopleSoft system.

Team Highlights

wendy mcghee headshot

Meet Wendy McGhee, NextGen’s Program Manager, who is responsible for overseeing the fulfillment of the overall NextGen project, ensuring our strategies and objectives continue to usher along the many facets of the project. Wendy’s background includes experience as a software engineer. She was even a part of the team that first implemented the State’s current TeamWorks system! For the past 20+ years, Wendy has been consulting for various organizations, providing guidance and expertise on mergers, acquisitions, ERP implementation projects, learning management, cloud services, data science, and analytics. She has been instrumental in large-scale projects for clients including the City of Atlanta, Cox Enterprises, Home Depot, SunTrust Bank, and the University of California. Welcome to the NextGen team, Wendy!


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