February 13, 2024

Feb. Newsletter: New glossary tool available online

What's New

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Workday Glossary
The NextGen Project Team has launched an online Workday Glossary on the NextGen website (https://sao.georgia.gov/nextgen). The glossary presents terms we use in the current TeamWorks system and the Workday equivalent of that term and its definition. The tool is organized into three categories: HCM, Finance (including Procurement) and Cross-Application. The Workday Glossary will be updated over the course of the project as we learn more about Workday. Click here to take a look at some of the terminology we will need to become familiar with during this transition.

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Discovery Sessions
Several workstreams have completed Discovery Sessions, where teams collaborated in discussions to build an understanding of the system’s capabilities. Participants have been learning about configuration options, sharing best practices, reviewing Workday features, and identifying change impacts of decisions and preferences.


What's Next

Design Sessions
Many workstreams are beginning Design Sessions. These sessions build upon configuration options, best practices, and Workday features identified during discovery sessions. The design sessions will inform the configuration of the new system and updates to some business processes.
Design sessions are essentially the first step toward implementing Workday. Upon the conclusion of these sessions, the NextGen project team will have the information needed to configure Workday’s out-of-the-box capabilities to meet the needs of the State’s HCM, Finance, and Procurement processes.

Data Cleanup
Data Cleanup efforts will continue across the enterprise in the coming months and a second round of cleanup items will be shared with affected agencies. A separate communication will go out to several agency Points of Contact to begin reviewing any vacant, unfunded positions for cleanup ahead of the Workday transition. Any unfilled, unbudgeted positions will not be converted into the Workday system.

POC Update Meeting
The project team will be scheduling an Update Meeting with agency Points of Contact within the first quarter of this year. This meeting will include several project updates for POCs to relay back to their respective agencies.


You Oughta Know

System Branding
An effort is underway to brand the new Workday system – to create a name and visual identity for Georgia’s new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. A group of cross-agency volunteers have been participating in surveys to provide initial opinions and insights. Next, a group of enterprise volunteers will be invited to a focus group to provide feedback on possible logos. Stay tuned for updates about the progress of this team and the new name and logo of our ERP system.
Third-Party and Agency Integrations
The NextGen technical integration team has contacted specific suppliers and agency technical resources whose systems will directly integrate with Workday. An Integrations Kickoff Meeting was held on February 7 with these partners to provide more details and guidance on further engagement.
NextGen Events
The NextGen Project Team has been working to get the word out about NextGen and our recent progress in kicking off Implementation. Representatives from the project team have presented or will present information in these recent and upcoming events: 

  • Department of Human Services Office of Human Resources Conference | Jan. 30
  • HR Community Meeting | Feb. 13
  • Agency Procurement Officer / College & University Procurement Officer Meeting | Feb. 21

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