March 11, 2024

March Newsletter: NextGen hosts 1st Huddle, design sessions underway

What's New

Team Huddle 

Team Huddle photo
From left, SAO Chief Financial Officer Kelly Dudley, DOAS Commissioner Rebecca Sullivan, SAO State Accounting Officer Gerlda Hines, SAO Chief Information Officer Myra Guy and DOAS Deputy Commissioner Christine Greene deliver project updates to the full NextGen Project Team in the first Team Huddle on Feb. 29.

The NextGen Project Team met Feb. 29 for the first ever full-team update in a Team Huddle. The more than 300 project participants in person and online heard a message from project sponsors. Members of the leadership team shared updates on project progress, the importance of meeting engagement and the significance of wellbeing and self-care while working on the NextGen project.  


Design Sessions 

Design sessions are in full gear with collaboration from agency participants. Session attendees are reviewing agency use cases, thinking through each process step and making informed decisions that will work best for the state. The outline below provides a high-level snapshot of what A Day in Design Sessions looks like. 


A Day in Design Sessions 

  • Assess Discovery outcomes: Review and determine how to address items learned in Discovery Sessions. 

  • Business Process Review: Examine business processes, taking a deep dive into process flow maps.  

  • System Role Definitions:  Consider Workday roles and how they relate to Workday processes.  

  • System Demo: View a demo of the Workday system and everything the system can do. Decide what functions will work for the state. Discuss “what-ifs” and potential shifts in policy. 

  • Configuration Opportunities: Examine any opportunities to streamline processes across the enterprise and ways in which the system can be configured to serve the state.  

  • Change impacts: Calculate impacts on people, processes and technology as we transition from current state to future state.  

  • Training: Discuss requirements for training end-users. 

Note that any agencies not currently involved in design sessions will have the opportunity to provide feedback in the future. Stay tuned for more information next month. 


What's Next

POC Meeting | March 14 

Agency Points of Contact are invited to hear several project updates as well as take part in a discussion on how to create a Change Network that spans across the agencies that make up the state enterprise. 

CIO Meeting | March 26

The upcoming meeting for agency Chief Information Officers will cover several topics including data cleanup and conversion.  

NextGen Townhall | April

The NextGen Project Team will share information on project progress, what agency involvement looks like in the coming months and expected changes as we move forward in designing Workday for the state. 


You Oughta Know 

Building a Buzz! 

Project team members have a lot to say about NextGen and what we can look forward to when Workday is deployed in Georgia! This month, we are featuring a few words from Department of Administrative Services Agency Sourcing Manager Osborne Johnson, who serves on the NextGen Project as a Contract Management Workstream Lead. Click here to hear more about NextGen! 

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