May 14, 2024

May Newsletter: We have a new name!

What's New

GA@Work Logo Preview

Georgia’s new ERP system has a name and logo!

After a final focus group session last month, we are excited to announce that the state’s new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system now has a name and logo! GA@Work was selected as the system name, and the logo above was chosen as the system’s visual mark.

With the help of a branding committee of eight individuals from various agencies, a path was laid out for us to develop the GA@Work brand identity. Additionally, a group of 65 branding volunteers provided valuable feedback to our branding vendor who assisted with the creative process. And finally, a group of 30+ employees from 16 agencies participated in the final focus group where we narrowed down our logo options. Thank you to everyone who played a role in this essential part of the project! With all this input, we were able to identify the name and logo that best represents the ERP system users as well as the enterprise as a whole. We look forward to GA@Work becoming the new, trending buzzword with more people becoming aware of this effort and excitement building across the state! 

As we continue to move through the remaining stages of implementation, the name “NextGen” will continue to be used to refer to the project, but the system itself will now be referred to as GA@Work. 

In the coming months, you will see further development of the brand as we release more marketing and promotional materials. Additional updates will be shared as needed and released on our website to socialize the GA@Work brand and increase awareness of our new ERP system. 

Data Validation

The NextGen Project Team is kicking off the first Data Validation session on May 20. This is the first of five data validation prototypes. For Prototype 1 (P1), a small subset of agencies will participate in a pilot validation exercise. The goal is to compare data between the TeamWorks and GA@Work systems and report any defects or discrepancies. Moving forward, data validation partners will be responsible for reviewing their agency’s data transfer, with future validation sessions to include more agencies. 


What's Next

Agency Preview Sessions
Agency Preview Sessions are coming this July! We are excited to be taking GA@Work on the road to give agencies a sneak peek at the new ERP system. These sessions will be held at various locations across the state and will provide attendees an opportunity to navigate through the GA@Work system and preview the new Human Capital Management processes. Participants will also have the chance to ask questions and provide feedback. Sessions will be held for financial and procurement processes at a later date. 

Details regarding locations and dates will be shared in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! 


You Oughta Know

Learning Management System Module
The GA@Work Learning Management System (LMS) is a feature of the new ERP system that will be available to all employees of the State of Georgia. The new LMS is a centralized learning model that will allow for the administration of statewide training, such as training for GA@Work. The LMS Workstream has been working to configure the new LMS with the help of learning partners representing agencies across the state to meet the needs of the enterprise and build capability for agency-level implementations in the future.
The new GA@Work LMS will be truly transformative to the State of Georgia.

Employee Self-Service Module

Employee Self-Service Dashboard

In addition to the numerous modules that will be available through the new ERP system, Employee Self-Service is another module that all employees will be able to access. It will allow users to view and manage multiple aspects of their employment such as compensation details, time entry, leave balances, tax information, etc., in a central location.


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