NextGen Points of Contact

Points of Contact (POCs) serve as coordinators and developers of information and ensure agency leaders are appropriately engaged and communicating actively. POCs are critical to change management efforts and serve as influencers, advocates and connectors between the project and the agency. There is just one POC for each agency, and POCs were selected by agency heads.

See the list below of agencies and their designated POCs.


Administrative Hearings, Office of State Grant Mintz
Administrative Office of the Courts (431-Judicial Council/434-Juvenile Courts) Peterson David
Appeals, Georgia Court of Chris T. Walker
Audits and Accounts, Georgia Department of Drew Townsend
Banking and Finance, Department of Chris Pittman
Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Department of Brandon Kenney
Board of Accountancy, Georgia State Paul Ziga
Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission Craig Young
Building Authority, Georgia Chris Stamps 
Community Affairs, Georgia Department of William Dews
Community Health, Georgia Department of Shawn Walker
Community Supervision, Department of Barbara Neville
Council of Superior Court Judges  (Superior Courts, BU 43600)  Lola Reynolds
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Nathan Branscome
Defense, Georgia Department of Kenley Finlayson
Department of Administrative Services Dawn Lewis
Department of Agriculture William Rutherford
Department of Corrections Peter Adams
Department of Education Pam Hastings
Department of Human Services R. Demetrius Taylor
Department of Veteran Services Kerry Dyer
Driver Services, Georgia Department of Vita Jordan
Early Care and Learning, Department of Michael Rodgers
Economic Development, Georgia Department of John Moffatt 
Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency Tracy R. Wilson
Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia  Angie Surface
Environmental Finance Authority Jammie Harden
Environmental Protection Division Erin Ruoff
Financing and Investment Commission, Georgia Chris Stamps 
GA Bureau of Investigation James Brown
General Assembly Amy Bottoms
Georgia Public Telecommunications Commission (dba Georgia Public Broadcasting) Elizabeth Laprade
Georgia Correctional Industries Chris Tiller
Georgia Forestry Commission Michele Gray
Georgia Public Defenders Council LaWanda Onley
Georgia Technology Authority  Kevin Stanford
Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission Erwin Yap 
Inspector General, Office of the Ian Sperin
Juvenile Justice, Department of Eugene Gaultney 
Juvenile Court Judges, Council of Kirsten Wallace
Labor, Department of Jeremy Sims
Law, Department of Adam Ross
Natural Resources, Department of Artica Gaston
Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission  Magda Rivers
Office of Commissioner of Insurance Chad DaBella
Office of Planning and Budget Gus Elliott
Pardons and Paroles, State Board of Kristen Kinney
Professional Standards Commission Kristina Stroede
Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia  Chris Jones
Public Health, Department of Michael From
Public Safety Training Center  Cindy Jones
Public Safety, Georgia Department of Lorri Smith
Public Service Commission Jane Stroeva
Department of Revenue Kesha Beavers            
Secretary of State Lisa A. Walker
Soil and Water Conservation Commission Andy Pope
State Accounting Office Kelly Dudley
State Properties Commission Chris Stamps 
State Road & Tollway Authority (SRTA (92700), GRTA (97600), and ATL (99600)) Monique Simmons
State Treasurer, Office Of Jess Parent
Student Achievement, Office of Jackie Lundberg
Student Finance Commission Erin Greenberg
Subsequent Injury Trust Fund Tara Henslee
Supreme Court of Georgia 43800  Regina Jones
Teachers Retirement System of Georgia.   Laura Lanier
Technical College System of Office  Penni L. Haberly
Transportation, Department of Connie Steele
Trauma Commission, Georgia Katie Hamilton
Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Mamta Patel
Workers’ Compensation, State Board of 

Sharon Jones Stallworth