Fiscal Leadership for Georgia

Quarterly 1099 Reminder

To insure proper attention is given to the 1099 reporting process, SAO is recommending that each agency perform a quarterly review of all 1099 vendor balances. This review should insure reporting issues are identified and addressed in a timely manner.

What does my agency need to do?

  • At a minimum, after the end of each quarter, the APXXX412 and APXXX413 reports should be run and reviewed for the appropriateness of vendor balances reported for 1099 purposes.
  • Corrective action, if needed should be taken to enter 1099 adjustment transactions to appropriately reflect vendor balances.

What if vendors are not appropriately setup in the system?

If vendors are not appropriately setup in the system for 1099 reporting, contact should be made with the Vendor group within SAO at to request the necessary updates.

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