Shared Services

What is Shared Services?

Shared Services is an operating model in which an independent shared services organization performs services, typically transaction processing, on behalf of customer organizations while maintaining agreed upon services levels. The primary purpose of a shared services operating model is to reduce duplicate effort, enable staff to focus on the core mission of their agency and provide a high level of service, managed by metrics and continuous feedback.


The mission of Shared Services is to provide payroll processing to its customers in a timely, accurate manner, driven by continuous improvement, while providing a high level of customer service.


Our Vision is CLEAR

  • Collaborate with partners
  • Leaders of change
  • Efficient payroll processing
  • Accountable for performance
  • Reliable services

Payroll Shared Services Contact Information

Main Email -
Main Phone - 404-463-3772
Main Fax - 770-359-5565