Subject: Year-End Reporting Forms

This memorandum highlights key dates that are an integral part of the year-end closing process. It is imperative that each organization adhere to these critical dates and the procedures detailed in the Forms Due by Entity Document. It is only with the cooperation of all State agencies and institutions that we can effectively close the State’s books for the 2019 fiscal year in order to prepare required financial reports for the Governor. Failure to comply may result in noncompliance with Code requirements, which in turn may adversely affect the State’s bond rating.

The 2019 Year-End Reporting Forms have been posted to our website at:

Key changes this year include:

  • The following forms will be submitted using the Wdesk software. More information to come closer to the due dates of these forms, however, please note that when these forms are sent out via Wdesk email to the organization CFO, the CFO will be allowed to forward to other agency personnel who will be able to complete the form in Wdesk.
    • Deferred Outflows/Inflows of Resources and Nonexchange Financial Guarantees
    • Pollution Remediation (GASB 49)
    • Service Concession Arrangements
    • Subsequent Events
    • Subsequent Events-Single Audit
    • Year-end Questionnaire
    • Year End Reporting Pkg confirmation
  • SEFA Reconciliation, please read all of the instructions carefully as they have changed for FY 2019 ( Note, there is a new tab “ SEFA Recon-In State Passthrough”)
  • Year-end Questionnaire - new questions have been added (questions 27 through 32)

The “Forms Due by Entity” file should be used to determine which forms are due for your reporting entity. If you have any questions or concerns about the due dates or the applicability of any of the forms for your organization, please send an email to

Below is the link for training materials for year–end forms:
Please note any minor changes to year-end forms may not be reflected in the videos.

SAO is presenting at FMC on May 21st, 2019 and the slides from that training will be available after that date.

As in prior years, the entire package of Year-end forms is available as a zip file, or you can download each form individually. Each of the forms have a contact person on them if you have specific questions about a form.

Additionally, all Non-TeamWorks and CPA Audited organizations need to report any significant changes in fund structure by August 2, 2019 via an email to

Either return the completed FY19 forms (as indicated on the “Forms Due by Entity” file) to SAO Reporting (, or complete the required submission in Wdesk by the due dates.

As a reminder, per O.C.G.A. code citation § 50-5B-4, obligations of state government organizations with respect to the state accounting officer, all organizations of state government and all officers, agents, and employees thereof shall:

  1. conform to and comply with the rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and forms devised, promulgated, and installed by the state accounting officer


  1. submit statements, reports, information, and data necessary to enable the state accounting officer to complete the reports required under this Code section and Code Section 50-5B-3.

FYI- Attached is the accounts payable/accounts receivable contact list for use in the Inter Organization form.

Thank you, and let us know if you have any questions. You can send any questions to