Welcome to employee onboarding for new and transferring employees. This site provides the essential information, contacts, and forms that you will need to begin working at the State Accounting Office (SAO). Your onboarding starts here and will continue with on-site onboarding and training.

To get started, please follow the Book Navigation on the right side of the onboarding site. Please make sure you open each item under Book Navigation, read the content on each respective page, and complete all forms unless directed otherwise.  Please print, complete as directed, and bring all forms with you to the new employee onboarding session.


  • When you follow a link to a policy or to a form, you may also use the back browser button to get back to the onboarding site.
  • Links to policy statements and employment forms will appear as a unique link to specific information.
  • To access most of the employment forms, you will use Microsoft® Word or Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™.  If you do not have the Adobe program on your computer, you can download a free copy of the software by clicking on the button below.