Fiscal Leadership for Georgia

TeamWorks Business Units

Unit  Description Short Description
26000  Flexible Benefits Program Flex Ben
36000  Employees' Health Insurance Health Ins
40200  Agriculture, Dept of Agricul
40300  Administrative Services, Dept DOAS
40400  Audits and Accounts, Dept of Audits
40500 Public Health, Dept of DPH
40600  Banking and Finance, Dept of Bank & Fin
40700  State Accounting Office SAO
40800  Insurance, Dept of Insurance
40900  Ga State Financ & Invest Comm. GSFIC
41100  Defense, Dept of Defense
41400  Education, Dept of DOE
41500  Technical College System of GA TCSGA
41800  Prosecuting Attnys Counc of GA PAC
41900  Community Health, Dept. of DCH
42000  Forestry Commission, GA GFC
42200  Governor, Office of the GOV
42700  Dept of Human Services DHS
42800  Community Affairs, Dept of Comm Aff
42900  Ga Dept of Economic Dev. GADEPTECON
43000  Judicial Branch Judicial
43600  Superior Courts Superior
43800  Supreme Court Supreme
44000  Ga Dept of Labor Labor
44100  Dept Behavioral Hlth& Dev Disb DBHDD
44200  Law, Dept of Law
44400  General Assembly, Georgia Gen Assem
46000  State Personnel Administration SPA
46100  Juvenile Justice, Dept of DOJJ
46200  Natural Resources, Dept of DNR
46500  Pardons and Paroles, St Bd of P&P
46600  Public Safety, Dept of DPS
46700  Corrections, Dept of GDC
46900  Dept of Early Care & Learning DECAL
47100  GA Bureau of Investigation GBI
47400  Revenue, Dept of Revenue
47500  Ga. Dept. of Driver Services DDS
47700 Georgia Department of Community Supervision GDCS
47800  Secretary of State SOS
48000  GA Soil and Water Conservation Soil&Water
48400  Transportation, Dept of DOT
48600  Office of Treasury and Fiscal OTFS
48800  Veterans Service, Dept of Veterans
48900  Subsequent Injury Trust Fund Sub Injury
49000  Workers' Compensation, St Bd Work Comp
49200  GA Public Defenders STD Council GPDSC
49900  Treasury Bank Department Bank_Dept
81700  Sandersville Technical College Sand'ville
81800  Okefenokee Technical College Okefenokee
81900  West GA Technical College West GA
82000  Albany Technical College Albany
82100  Altamaha Technical College Altamaha
82200  Athens Technical College Athens
82300  Atlanta Technical College Atlanta
82400  Augusta Technical College Augusta
82500  East Central Technical College E Central
82600  West GA Technical College West GA
82700  Chattahoochee Tech College Chatt'chee
82800  Columbus Technical College Columbus
82900  GA Northwestern Tech College GA NW Tech
83000  DeKalb Technical College DeKalb
83100  Southern Crescent Tech College Griffin
83200  Gwinnett Technical College Gwinnett
83300  Heart of GA Technical College Heart GA
83400  Lanier Technical College Lanier
83500  Central GA Tech. College CenGa Tech
83600  Middle GA Tech. College Middle GA
83700  Moultrie Technical College Moultrie
83800  North GA Technical College North GA
83900  North Metro Technical College N Metro
84000  Appalachian Technical College Appalach
84100  Savannah Technical College Savannah
84200  South GA Technical College South GA
84300  Southeastern Technical College Southeast
84400  Ogeechee Tech. College Ogeechee
84500  Swainsboro Technical College Swainsboro
84600  Southwest GA Tech. College SW GA Tech
84700  Flint River Technical College Flint Rivr
84800  Valdosta Technical College Valdosta
84900  Northwestern Tech. College Northwest
90000 Georgia Building Authority GBA
92100 Ga. Correctional Industries Crctnl Ind
92700 State Road & Tollway Authority SRTA
97600 GA Regional Trans Authority GRTA
97700  Public Telecom. Commissions GPTC
97900  Foundation for PB in GA, Inc. FPB
98000  Georgia Technology Authority GTA
99400  Georgia Foundation for Public Education GFPE